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Virtually all companies have “controllable” risks – i.e., risks for which derivative tools are readily available. Specifically, derivatives can address and constrain adverse earnings effects associated with variability of interest rates, currency exchange rates, and prices relating to a host of basic commodities or raw materials.

Kawaller & Company serves a limited clientele facing such exposures. Clients include corporate entities, financial institutions, and accounting firms that prefer consulting directly with a top-level principal, rather than with junior staff. For entities new to derivatives, we can quickly get you up and running with a disciplined hedging program; and for experienced hedgers, we offer a full range of derivatives-related accounting service. We also serve as an independent review agent for the executive suite and company boards, where we assess current risk management activities and either endorse those practices or identify ways to improve.

Besides direct assistance to commercial enterprises, Ira Kawaller also offers consultative services and expert witness services in litigation.

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